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Women are still endangered in relation to the decision making process at the family level especially in rural area. The present study is imperative to the societies urging for women empowerment and gender equality.

The research is conducted by obtaining relevant primary and secondary data. Questionnaire and general observation is used to gather relevant data.  The sample size of 82 respondents is chosen through simple random sampling technique.

The study reveals that, majority of the respondents were female and most of them are in the age group of either 26 – 30 years or 31 – 40 years of age. There is a significant association between family expenditure, child welfare, reproductive health, socio-cultural matter, patriarchal system and economic factors playing a great influence in hindering the status of women’s decision making process at family level.

It is recommended to mobilize community works towards awareness on the status of women in decision making process at family level.

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