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E-commerce has helped several agricultural companies and farmers reach their customers directly, deteriorating any network of middlemen. This has aided in bringing transparency in the costing mechanisms and thereby bringing in significant growth in the revenues. Agriculture and the export of agro products backbone of several economies around the world.This can though be identified as an area with immense potential for agricultural marketing, which is highly suitable for markets of exotic fruits, vegetables, grains, spices and selective organic food. From the above analysis and data collection it is noted that with such rapid growth of the Internet, distribution has become a difficult task for companies to manage. In Vidarbha region by Farmers and retailers .  From the respondents responses  such an increase in demand, many companies are not able to handle the number of orders efficiently. This problem is vital for an organization to overcome; customers will evaluate the total experience of the online purchasing as a whole  if a product is purchased, and the e-commerce company does every thing correctly but the shipper doesn’t perform their task properly, it will affect the technical outcome of the satisfaction level. Customers will rate the transaction as a whole, so choosing the correct shipper is vital.

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