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E-commerce (Electronic commerce) having the paradigm to influencing both marketers and the customers. Rather e-commerce is more than just another way to boost the existing business practices. Modern business includes a boom of E-commerce. It means electronic commerce which      involves buying or selling of goods or services and transmitting funds or data, over the network, mostly with help of Internet. It is leading a complete change in traditional way of doing business. This significant change in business model is witnessing a remarkable growth around the globe and India is not an exception. A massive internet penetration has added to growth of E-commerce and more particularly start-ups have been increasingly using this option as a differentiating business model. Moreover E-Commerce has significant influences on the environment. Although the model is highly used in current business scenario but the option has not been explored at its fullest. The current research has been undertaken to describe the scenario of E-Commerce v/s Traditional Business its Issues and Challenges.

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