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This Paper is focuses on the Physical education, Sports and Yoga play most important role for human being in day today life. Today new diseases are emerging and have made big harm to human being.  Man’s life has become depend on medicines.  These medicines s become like a walking robot machine for mankind. In such condition, is it fair to waste body like this?  By doing physical activities every one lives physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, spiritually economically fit for forever. Most of the people’s life is affected by the chronic and dangerous diseases which are increasing in these days. It is sad that man has lot of time to do service with technical instruments but they do not have few minutes to take care of his/ her most valuable body. Therefore Physical Education, Sport and Yoga play important role for all round development of human.  With the help of physical Education, Sport and Yoga, it improves health and reduces the risk of many chronic and mental diseases. Here the researcher wants to introduce how physical education, sports and yoga are the most important factor for human being in modern life. 

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