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                  Yoga is an important thing for physical and mental health. Ancient india is origin of yoga .At that time yoga  was a   culture of india.The   history of yoga or origin  of yoga were developed by Indus Saraswati civilization over 5000 year ago The word yoga is frist mentioned in  RIG- VED.

                 In modern peroid  of yoga began at 1893.parliement of religes  in chicago .when swami vivekananda wowed the attendees with his lecture on Yoga.In modern India krishnnammacharya opened the frist school of Yoga in Mysore in 1924.

                In this day the human life is very fast and tressed so physical fitness and yoga is most needfur for every one . Specially for Academicians,teachers in colleges.because a good techer have some good merits like , good behiviour , patience , good knowledge ,memory power as wel as creativity for good teching .as wel as ideal teacher is an effective leader who inspire his student, An ideal teacher is an asset for nation so we have need of ideal teacher and that’s why ideal teacher have need of physical fitness and regular Yoga.

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