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The lives of students are not stress-free. Hours a day sitting at desk or computer monitor and more hours doing homework cause a young body to tense up. Social and family pressures and, unfortunately, anxiety, abuse and bullying also take their toll. It adds up to the high stress levels that have caused adults to flock to yoga classes. It’s therefore not surprising that educators are becoming increasingly interested in providing yoga classes at school and colleges. Recent research has indicated concern for the degree of stress and emotional well-being among university students. Teenage is the time period of students when they are stuck between variety of work load and pressures. They need to perfectly accomplish their school or college task, prepare for variety of exams or test, need to score excellent marks, work better in their workplace and improve their performance and many other tensions. Yoga is basically the most important ancient art that aims towards the building up of a healthy mind within a healthy body. For that reason, it is considered to be the harmonizing system which rejuvenates the body, mind as well as the soul. The great saints, therefore, have mentioned yoga to be a universal attribute of mind which enhances the physical, spiritual and mental status of the human body.

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