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- ICT technologies applied to sports is the tracking of different elements of the game. we can find the Hawk-Eye in tennis or the tracking of football players in TV to compute the covering distance during a match. This kind of applications are based in provide a set of cameras that can detect the interest element (the ball in the case of the Hawk-Eye and the player in football) and track it to give the pertinent information. Focusing in the Hawk-Eye, it is a system composed by six or more high-velocity cameras that detect and track all the elements of the game: the players and the ball. First, each camera calculates the position and the velocity of the ball and, next, it can obtain the bounce of the ball with a precision of three millimeters. For this calculation, the system uses techniques as triangulation or camera angle correction from the position of the court’s lines. This image processing technology allows to getting additional information about the deformation of the ball or the place of the court in which the player beat the ball.

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