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The world yog is offen use in Vedas, Puranas & Upnishadas by dictionary the meaning of yoga is “ Hindu System of Medition and Oscetiusm” in controlled manner meditation is unity of soul with the almighty. Due to science life becomes dynamic. It do adverse effect of human life style. They becomes intensely busy having less time. So time management becomes very important. So due to this people neglecting their health. Man has becomes very ambitious so mental tress increase day by day yoga means to add something for instance to add body with mind, Mind with body, Man with nature and Nature with man. These things dills with concentration. It is the unification of sprit with God i.e. (Atma with Parmatma) it is the moment of creation of shere joy.This article also focus on assessing facts of a study of effect of yoga on academic development in higher education

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