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Yoga is that which sharpens the mind, memory to reason but hardens the heart.It makes conscious about ones right and responsibilities by
performing yoga teacher will live healthy and joyful life yoga brings positivity strength balance in teachers life through the asanas teacher build
strength, endurance ,confidence and the most important thing that the mind body connection , in recent times there are social and family
challenges anxiety emotional problems yoga plays important role. Yogasanas reduce stress and anxiety showing profound benefits in every
sphere of life those who regularly practice yoga asanas not only report lower levels of stress but also it imroves teachers academic performance
also. Yogasanas has intense effect on mind and body. It builts endurance as like capacity of something to last long with less vigour.Teacher and
students work under pressure to perform their duties and achievements respectively .The academic academic performance of teacher is
important for teachers evaluation, job security and compensation .The performance and behaviour of teacher affects future of students .
Teachers are role model of students so it's necessary that teacher should be fit physically and mentally to achieve their acad emic goal. Yoga is
best way for teachers to increase their energy yoga practice brings positivity ,physical and mental strength in the life of teacher.

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