Published: Feb 11, 2020

A Study of Impact of Recession on the Automobile Components Industry in Pune region.

1-5 Dr Gauri Prabhu, Mrs. Poorva Pachpore

The Study of CSR Spending of Public and Private Sector Banks in India

6-12 Dr. Babasaheb Jadhav

Indian e-tailing industry and its growth prospects: An Overview

13-17 Dr. R. R. Chavan, Dr. Abhishek Shukla

Transformation in Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) through Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

18-23 Dr. Nilesh Kate, Prof. Mahendra N., Dr. Sachin C. Vyavhare

Risk Management and Problem Solving: Challenges in Financial Management among management students

24-31 Dr.Vijay Kulkarni, Dr. Sonali Patil

Factorial analysis of Customer attitude towards retailing in Marathwada region

32-37 Dr.N.D. Shinde

Periodic need to study the perceptions of Online learners

38-45 Prof. (Dr.) Umesh Patwardhan, Prof. (Dr.) Rahul Waghmare

Operational process improvement by eliminating rejections and avoiding scrap by implementing ‘Poka-Yoke’

46-52 Dr. Rohan P. Dahivale, Mr. Hrushikesh Lokhande

Empirical study on Current state of scenario of Insurance Industry in India

53-59 Dr. Santosh R Gore, Dr. Reshma R. Kabugade

Emerging Trends in Green IT with Special Reference to Management Institutes in Pune

60-67 Dr. Sachin C. Vyavhare, Dr. Vishal B. Gaikwad, Mr. Namdev Rama Navale

A study of financial performance and sustainability of selected listed companies in agricultural sector.

68-82 Dr. Laxman B. Doiphode

‘Marketing Strategies to enhance Customer Loyalty with reference to Multinational Corporations’

83-88 Mr. Sumeet V Gaikwad, Mr. Vishal V Gaikwad

Monotony management for employee turnover management

89-91 Prof. Prabha Kumari

study of HRMPs , Causes of Staff Turnover and HR analytics: LAMP (with special reference to Kranti Industries Pvt. Ltd)

92-97 Dr. Kalpana Lodha, Prof.Vivek Swami

Risk Management: Financial Literacy and Challenges in Financial Management

98-98 Vijay Kulkarni, Sonali Patil


99-105 Dr. Mamta Mishra, Dr. Irfan Siddiqui

A Study On Preference Of Working Men & Women For Ready To Eat Food Or Takeaways

106-113 Prof Archana. A. Borde, Rohit Gunvantrao Sarnaik

Challenges in Administration and Implementation of good e- governance in the State of Maharashtra

114-129 Dr. Manohar Karade

Emotional Intelligence: A Key in Mentoring

130-138 Dr. Manohar Mahadeo Karade

Impact of HRM Practices on Job Satisfaction: Academic Staff (ACS) with special reference to Management Institutions

139-146 Dr.Kalpana Lodha, Dr.Sharad Inamdar

The BHIM Story: A Study On Bharat Interface For Money (BHIM) App 2020 And Beyond.

147-156 Ajit Kumar Borde, Dr. Sachin A Borgave


157-163 Prof. Shailendra Patil, Dr. R.R. Chavan

‘Marketing Strategies to enhance Customer Loyalty with reference to Multinational Corporations’

164-169 Mr. Sumeet V Gaikwad, Mr. Vishal V Gaikwad

“Financial statement Analysis of selected banks on the basis of cash flow statement”

170-176 Dr. Mamta Mishra, Dr. Ujjwal Mishra

Customer relationships management with technique Data mining to acquire new customers

177-181 Mrs. Snehal Ajay Dhane

A Preliminary Study of Programming Languages: Concept and Status

182-187 Mrs. Manjiri A. Paranjape, Prof. Dr. Dhanajay T. Mandlik

A study of preferences towards E-wallets among College Students in Surat City

188-198 Ms. Richa S Rajani, Dr. Sunil .H. Rajani

Name of Paper: Analysis of Emerging Trends in Finance for Industry Survival.

199-204 Dr. Avinash Hanmant Ghadage, Prof. Pooja Vasant Mane

A Review of Extant Literature on Services and Service Failures with an Attributional Perspective

205-216 Dr. Aditi Gosain

Customer Satisfaction Towards Vitrified Tiles at Mega Vitrified Pvt. Ltd.This paper is about to know the satisfaction of customers towards product provided by Mega Vitrified Pvt. Ltd. and provide this feedback to the company.This paper contains basic over

216-221 Sanghani Vishal Ranchhodbhai, Dr. Shriram Dawkhar

To Study the Impact of Mobile app based Learning Apps Helping Education in Pune

222-229 Dr. Deshmukh Sachin, Anil Sharma, Soumyakant Dash

An Improved Cervical Cancer Classification from Pap-smears Using an SVM Algorithm

230-240 Priya Chaudhari, Dr. Sharad Gore

A descriptive study of finance trends and strategies with reference to Indian Airline Industry

241-247 Pradnya Bansod Sawate

Green Banking For Sustainable Development

248-254 Dr. Shriram S. Dawkhar

Effective Human Resources Management for Excellence in Hotel Industry’

255-263 Dr.Vijay B. Dhole

Manpower Supply with specific reference to Hotel Industry

264-267 Dr. Deepali Ubale

Challenges of Corporate Entrepreneurship

268-274 Dr. Zamarrud (Ansari) Kazi, Mr. Anuj Chhabra

Lack of corporate governance increased the stress of depositor in co-operative banks: case study of Rupee Co-operative Bank Ltd.

275-281 Dr. Jyothi Pawar, , Dr. Devyani Ingale