Two Day National Conference Exploring Spiritual Foundations of Leadership and Management

Vol. 68 No. 51 (2020)

Organized by DME Management School, Delhi Metropolitan Education (DME), Noida on  14th & 15th February 2020


Mr. Pooja Tripathi


Ms. Shanu Jain

Published: Jan 30, 2020

Analysing Consumer Purchase Behaviour towards the Spiritual Products

1-9 Shanu Jain

Assessing the Importance of Meditation for Corporates: A Case Study Approach

10-16 Ayush Dube , Palak Bajpai

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

17-19 Tavleen Kaur Narang, Dr. Gaurav Jindal

Corporate Karma Leadership is needed to be guided by True Spirituality

20-32 Dr. Susmita Banerjee

Diversity Management in Higher Education in India

33-40 Dr. Shikha Makkar

Emotional Intelligence through Shraman (Self-Reliant) Way of Life for Sustainable Leadership

41-48 Abheesha Jain

Empathy Approach and Spirituality: Potent Recipe for Individual and Social Change

49-52 Pramod Kumar Pandey, Charu Chandra Pathak

Exploring the Modern Aspects and Dimensions of Spiritualism and their Influence in Shaping the Work Environment and Culture of Indian Companies - A Literature Review

53-62 Swaraj Manchanda

Green Banking and Financing

63-68 Jugesh Chander

Healthy Lifestyle of People

69-71 Aditya Shanti, Dr. Gaurav Jindal

‘Impact of Workplace Spirituality towards Employees’ Work-Life Balance with special reference to Corporate Sector

72-87 Vidhi Sood, Ms. Monika Kadam

Intersection of Spirituality and Technology

88-93 Aditi Kundra , Anan Sadh

Anaging of Personal Finance: Impact of Spiritual Intelligence & Financial Literacy

94-103 Dr. Niti Saxena, Monika Kadam

Role of Spiritualism on Moral Behaviour of the Students

104-110 Avleen Kaur

Role of Spirituality in Marketing – A Critical Analysis

111-118 Richi Jain, S. Suganthi, Dr. Pooja Sharma

Role of Spirituality in Voluntary Simplification

119-123 Ms. Pooja Tripathi, Dr. Shirin Alavi, Dr. Sujata Kapoor

Solving Managerial Problems through Artificial Intelligence (AI) (AI in Management)

124-132 Yash Bindroo

Spiritual Empowerment

133-136 Dr. Madhu Sharma, Dr. Urmila Yadav

Spiritual Intelligence and Teaching Excellence: A Study of Academicians in Higher Education Institutes of Delhi & NCR

137-144 Dr. Shaily Saxena, Dr. Pramod Kumar Nayak

Spiritual Intelligence at Workplace Leads to Satisfaction in Professional Life

145-148 Kalika Singh Rathore, Kalika Singh Rathore, Yusuf Mehdi

Spirituality and its Behavioural Implications- A Study on Management Students

149-159 Dr. Pooja Sharma, Dr. Shikha Sachdeva

Spirituality and Total Quality Management: A Theoretical Review

160-165 Sukhjinder Singh Tagger, Dr. Prateek Kalia

Spirituality at workplace: Being Human is More Important than Being Professional

166-169 Dr Swati Jain , Dr Poorva Ranjan

Spirituality in College Students – An Exploratory Study

170-177 S. Revathi, Sonali Gupta, Dr. Pooja Sharma

Spirituality in Marketing

178-180 Khushi Bora , Khushi Chaudhary

Spirituality Leads to Success in the New Business Paradigm - An Analysis in the Indian Context

181-185 Zeba Mehdi, Yusuf Mehdi

Spirituality-A Way to Sustainable Leadership

186-193 Shelly Gosain , Twinkle Arora

Study of Occupational Stress in Healthcare Sector

194-200 Dr Yogesh Mehta, Dr Kunal Rawal, Ms Nisha Solanki

Sustainable Finance: A New Attitude of Indian Banking Sector.

201-210 Ashok Sengupta

The Bhagwad Gita and its Role in Management and HR Practices

211-218 Dr. Sanjay Kumar Mittal, Hitesh Sharma

Theoretical Perspectives on Innovative Sustainable Human Resource Management

219-223 Dr. Ishpreet Virdi

Workplace Spirituality and its outcomes in the organization: A comparison with the Mystical Practices of Sufism in the Medieval Indian Subcontinent

224-230 Dr. Nudrat Moini Rahman

Workplace Spirituality and Job Satisfaction: Theoretical Paradigm

231-233 Dr. Shuchi Goel